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We could tell you we’ve been doing this for 100 years. We could ramble on about Great-Grandpappy’s secret family recipe; the twinkle in his one good eye as he dreamed of ushering in a better-groomed Australian man.

But we’d only be bullsh**ting you. We’re just a couple of experienced industry blokes who decided traditional Bay Rum aftershave needed a modern twist, rolled up our sleeves and took a damn good crack at it.

Our original F.A.T.S. line was a labour of love years in the making.  We researched extensively; we experimented day and night; we collaborated with Australia’s best skin and hair experts until we finally perfected that subtle, masculine, perfectly-balanced barbershop scent.  We immediately set our sights on the next challenge, and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Our male grooming products are proudly Australian Made & Australian Owned. Every batch is produced locally, and carefully handcrafted with premium oils and ingredients.

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